Personal Payday Loans – Tips and Tricks

Who wants to take a payday loan privately, has the opportunity to ask first with relatives and friends. When prospective borrowers take out a payday loan privately and find it in the circle of acquaintances, this offers the advantage that the usual checks with banks are eliminated.

With a payday loan from the family or the circle of acquaintances usually neither after the creditworthiness nor a Bank information is asked. In order not to endanger friendships and relationships, you should only lend yourself as much money as you can actually repay in the circle of acquaintances. It is best to keep a written record of how and in what time the payday loan should be repaid. There are even more tips here.

Make payday loans from private to private online


Alternatively to a payday loan from relatives or acquaintances, credit seekers may also take out a payday loan from other individuals. Through the Internet, special marketplaces for payday loans have developed from private to private. That is, private individuals do not have to look around for a payday loan in the circle of acquaintances, but can also find the right lender on the Internet. These payday loans are also known as P2P payday loans and as peer-to-peer payday loans.

Peer-to-peer payday loans are settled without or largely without the intervention of a bank.


Lenders receive security by lending only payday loans with a small payday loan amount or by dividing the payday loan amount among several potential creditors. The social component can play a major role here. On the one hand, it is assumed that the borrower has a higher willingness to repay due to the personal relationship.

On the other hand, not only creditworthiness and Bank information are important for private lenders, but also the project that should be realized with their help.

What advantages do payday loans from private individuals offer?


Anyone who decides to take out a payday loan privately will quickly realize that the terms are often less rigid. Potential creditors enjoy the advantage of being able to negotiate individual forms of contract formation from private individuals to private individuals. Banks, on the other hand, can not act so flexibly.

They are subject to well-defined criteria for the granting of payday loans. A credit check for payday loans from private usually still. The collateral for the payday loan from private is also set individually. Anyone who wants to take out a payday loan privately compares current offers easily and quickly at Time Lending.