Personal payday loan simulator

Simulator Fast Lend personal payday loans is a good example of the level of simplification and simplicity we have made on our website, which will avoid displacement and will save you time and money. In this article we tell you point by point what are the parts that form it and what they are for, a quick guide to a tool that does not really have any mystery.

Online payday loan simulator 

payday loan

The online payday loan simulator on your right has the objective of quickly visualizing the basic conditions of your application, that is, the amount to be requested, the time to be returned and the cost of the operation. Using it does not involve any commitment, since to process the credit it is necessary to provide a series of personal data that are made in the following screen, after pressing the green button. Therefore, feel free to try the different combinations, as it is only a first and informative contact about our services.

This immediate and simple visualization contrasts with the procedures that normally have to be carried out in bank branches or traditional lenders. In them, to request information and obtain a simulation of the credit you have to provide numerous documents, to which must be added the inconvenience of the transfer and the time limitation of their offices. And the result is not always the expected one: a complex payment schedule, with grace periods, opening fees, monthly payments and other concepts that are not always clear.

How our personal payday loan simulator works point by point

How our personal payday loan simulator works point by point

The first thing you will find in our simulator is a bar or selector to choose the amount of money you want to request. At one end you see € 50 and in the other € 750 , which indicate the minimum and maximum amount you can ask for. In the middle, a button that can move both sides to indicate the exact amount of your loan. As you can see, the amounts to be requested are always multiples of 50, in order to simplify the operation.

The second bar of the simulator corresponds to the return period. At Fast Lend, online microcredits have a maximum validity of one month, so at one extreme you will find the term of 1 day and the opposite, of 30 days . In the center of the bar, the exact deadline to establish. Of course, if eventualities arise when returning the credit, you can contact us or the company that manages your loan to request an extension, although this procedure entails additional costs.
Immediately below is a summary of the chosen conditions.

In this space you have to pay attention to the section ‘Cost ‘, because it indicates the price that the customer has to request for the customer. These are also called ‘management expenses’. In many cases you will see it at ‘0 €’, which means that this loan could be free thanks to some promotion or simply that you still do not know the amount of these management expenses, since some personal data that could be modify those fees, such as being enrolled in a list of defaulters.

After that, the next thing shown is the green button. As we said, pressing it does not imply any commitment, because in reality it moves you to the form in which you will have to give your contact information. On the page of that form you can also make a new modification of the amount and term of the credit, so the first decision you make is not invariable.
Finally, a padlock appears under the button and indicates that “All data is safe with SSL encryption”. It is an informative and reassuring message: the personal data that is sent through our website is completely safe thanks to the encryption system we use, the most advanced, which is provided by the prestigious company Comodo.

Fill out the form and start enjoying your credit

Fill out the form and start enjoying your credit

Although we will probably expand it in future posts, the form to which the simulator is redirected is equally simple and logical. In the first section you must indicate the personal data necessary to identify you: name, date of birth, gender, NIF …
Of these personal data, special mention deserves the bank account number.

It is a very important fact, because it is in it where you will receive the requested credit amount. In addition, there is also a box where you will indicate if you have a negative credit history, that is, if you are part of or have been part of a list of defaulters, such as Credit Rating. On the other hand, in the section ‘Employment’ you must also provide relevant information about your employment situation.

However, it should be clarified that being registered with Credit Rating or having no employment at that time are not exclusive conditions when obtaining a loan, but are only informative sections, which are added to the rest of the data provided from the simulator. personal payday loans to configure the most competitive proposal.