Pamplin Media Group – Swimmers in Clackamas County are back and ready for 2021-2022

Check out our sneak peeks of the boys’ swim teams at 11 Clackamas County high schools.

There was a lot missing in the 2021 high school boys’ swim season.

Full regular season schedules. The neighborhood meets. state championships. Fans.

There were also more loopholes, but now this is all a thing of the past. Clackamas County’s top high school swimmers are back less than six months after the end of the 2021 pandemic abridged spring season. They are working hard, improving, running and enjoying the return to a full season.

This is certainly the case for the college boys’ teams in Lake Oswego, Lakeridge, Oregon City, West Linn, Clackamas, Nelson, La Salle, Milwaukie, Putnam, Wilsonville and Gladstone.

Learn more about each team’s 2021-22 outlook below.

League of Three Rivers

Lake Oswego

The Head Coach: Geoffroy marsden

Outlook 2021-22: “We have a lot of great swimmers and I can’t wait to see what they can accomplish this season.” – Geoffrey Marsden

league contenders: Lake Oswego, Lakeridge, West Linn

The best swimmers: James Kang senior, Jonathan Bell junior, Doyhun Kim senior, Tylor Kim junior, Steven Peng senior, Hudson Schneider senior, Max Spurr senior, William Thistlethwaite junior, Derek Wu junior, Jiyu Yang junior.


The Head Coach: Derek abbott

Outlook 2021-22: “We have a strong team with good depth in our high school swimmers. The chemistry of our team is really building up and they are working hard in the weight room and pool, and we should see that reflected in our scores of. competition.” – Derek Abbott

league contenders: Lakeridge, Lake Oswego, West Linn

The best swimmers: Senior Andrew Huang, junior Aaron Tran, senior Sean Davitt, junior Henry Sturges, junior Rocco Lepiane, senior Gideon Barnes.

Oregon City

The Head Coach: Bryan watt

Outlook 2021-22: “(We) look forward to a great season where we can compete in the District as well as the State.” —Brian Watt

league contenders: Lake Oswego, Lakeridge, West Linn

The best swimmers: Wilson Riley senior, Zack McDonald senior, Calvin Swan senior, AJ Bell senior, Garrrhett Bell senior.

Linn West

The Head Coach: Tom weltchek

Outlook 2021-22: “(We) are not lacking in an abundance of team spirit and camaraderie. It is our intention to work hard together and compete at the highest level in our district.” – Tom Weltchek

league contenders: Lake Oswego, Lakeridge, West Linn

The best swimmers: Senior Zachary Cozart, second year Matthew Sexton, second year Gabriel Schreiber, junior Timothy Varga, senior Alexander Tye, senior Max Parisio.

PMG PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Lake Oswego senior Dohyun Kim and the Lakers expect to compete for the regular season and Trois Rivières League district titles this season.

Mount Hood Conference


Head coaches: Jenn Jervis, Allen Larson

Outlook 2021-22: “We have great leadership and wonderful talent ahead. We also have a lot of promising new swimmers this year. However, the separation of our school from Adrienne Nelson really had an impact on our depth. We went from a (combined) team of over 80 people. at 40. “- Jenn Jervis

league contenders: David Douglas, Nelson

The best swimmers: Wolf Cribbs senior, Jacob Bollacker senior, Reinier Haich senior, Mason Liu junior, Cyrus Vance in second year.


The Head Coach: Sam nelson

Outlook 2021-22: “(I’m) a first year coach, so (I) always rate the competition.” – Sam Nelson

league contenders: David Douglas, Barlow, Clackamas, Central Catholic

The best swimmers: Sophomore Mason Hopper, Junior Quinlan Gould.

Northwestern Oregon Conference

the room

The Head Coach: Paul Dreisbach

Outlook 2021-22: “The boys are a small but committed group. We have a lot of young swimmers who are motivated to succeed and excel.” – Paul Dreisbach

league contenders: Wilsonville, La Salle

The best swimmers: Junior Robert Brotherton, junior Aiden McCarthy, junior Charlie Dougherty, junior Eli Struyk-Bonn, junior Raphael De Leon, junior Gabriel De Leon, junior Nic Jelusic, junior Emilio Silva.


Head coaches: Kelsey Balint, Mark Bentz

Outlook 2021-22: “We are delighted to have a growing team of new swimmers. This is the greatest team (that we have) had in many years and we look forward to expanding our program.” – Kelsey Balint

league contenders: La Salle, Wilsonville

The best swimmers: Sophomore Harley Schaeperloetter, junior Dionisios Zoppi, Kerman Gobela Flores.


The Head Coach: Steffany Bixby

Outlook 2021-22: “As this is my first year as a head coach, this is a year of growth for all of us. We have amazing swimmers in the pool and outside and because of that I know we will have a great season no matter what. ” – Steffany Bixby

league contenders: the room

The best swimmers: Sophomore Brycen Cappoen, sophomore Cuyler Merten, junior Miles Thran.


The Head Coach: Brett Rodgers

Outlook 2021-22: “We have worked to strengthen our men’s team over the past two years and we hope we will succeed in asserting that this year in our relays.” – Brett Rodgers

league contenders: “It really is anyone’s meeting.”

The best swimmers: Jay Thomas senior, Anthony Hilweh senior.

Three Valley Conference


The Head Coach: Charlotte DeBaltzo

Outlook 2021-22: “With just two returning swimmers and five new swimmers, we’re set to build a strong boys’ team. We have great leadership and we look forward to competing in relays for the first time in two years.” – Charlotte DeBaltzo

league contenders: La Grande, Madras

The best swimmers: Luke Roberts senior, Zachary Schwartz junior.

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