OIC of America appoints Louis King as new President and CEO

Louis king

Louis J. King II of Minnesota will rise to the national stage after leading one of OICA’s most successful affiliates, the OIC Summit Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as President and CEO since 1995 .

For the first time in its history, OIC of America, Inc. (OICA) has appointed one of its own, King, to become president and CEO of its national office, effective January 4, 2022.

“We have worked diligently to identify a CEO who aligns with our mission and, more importantly, who can execute the vision of the Board of Directors,” said James Talton, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OIC of America. “Louis provided exceptional leadership to the OIC Summit Academy and to the City of Minneapolis. “

OICA is committed to engaging with all people in underserved communities in order to resolve the workplace crisis. Continuing the work of the late founder Dr. Leon H. Sullivan, the organization aims to provide vocational training to groups of people more marginalized than ever before.

Based in Philadelphia, OICA is able to provide employment training services to rural and urban communities through its extensive network, which currently includes 31 national affiliates in 19 states, ranging from rural communities like Monroe, Louisiana , and Rocky Mount, North Carolina to major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, San Antonio, Texas, and the twin cities of Minneapolis, Minn. and St. Paul, Minn.

“OICA offers an incredible opportunity to resolve the labor crisis by engaging people of all ethnicities and geographies,” King explained. “Whether people are from a rural community or from the inner city, it will take all of us to solve the job crisis.

“OICA is uniquely positioned to provide a scalable solution by providing direct access to communities that America can no longer afford to ignore. Our access to forgotten communities across the country is unparalleled, and that’s why it’s time for us to have a seat at any table where work is discussed on a grand scale. We have what America needs.

King, a graduate of Morehouse College and a former U.S. Army officer, forged strong political connections and programs that have grown Summit Academy OIC into a $ 15 million career education and technology institution. Under his leadership, they implemented Minnesota’s largest construction certification program, along with the computer training programs needed to meet today’s workforce needs. The Northside STEM District and the North Star Innovation Center in Minneapolis were thus founded.

When many training programs closed due to pandemic restrictions, Summit Academy OIC quickly expanded the programs online. The pivot provided Summit with much-needed growth as many of its students sought to replace entertainment and hospitality jobs lost due to the closures.

King will continue to serve as the CEO of Summit Academy OIC following his transition to the OICA national office. Leroy West, Chief Operating Officer of Summit for 18 years, will take over as President of Summit Academy OIC. King is committed to seeing the completion of Summit’s $ 12 million global campaign that will benefit North Minneapolis. King will also continue to strategize around working with the African American Church to tackle crime in the city.

King’s appointment comes at a time when a confluence of events across the country requires immediate workforce intervention. As Americans quit their jobs in record numbers and researchers warn of a severe labor shortage, King aims to seize the opportunity to finally eradicate poverty in America.

“The pandemic has pushed us towards technology and opened the doors of opportunity,” King said. “We are seeing the same change as 100 years ago when African Americans began the great migration as the economy shifted from an agrarian market to one driven by manufacturing. Fortunately for communities and the forgotten, the situation in America has changed to the point where no one can afford to waste talent.

“The OICA is one of America’s best-kept secrets, and it’s time to step out of the shadows to share the road map to success that has helped millions of families across the country. This is a fabulous opportunity for us to finally move everyone out of poverty into the middle class. In addition, the internet will help us reach people and places so that businesses can ‘relocate home’.

“The best social service in the world is work,” King added. “And the more people we can put to work, the more we can shift the poverty line in our country and end the sense of social and economic isolation that divides us.”

For more information on King, Summit Academy OIC, and OIC of America, Inc., visit oicofamerica.org

Information and photo provided by OIC.

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