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A Housing Loan for Every Budget

IBS cash loan in a special offer at Getmoney for joyful plans for the whole family – summer 2019, holidays and holidays – loan offer for holidays 2019 and holidays in the country in the mountains, by the sea, in Masuria or abroad. Cheap cash loan at IBS for renovation of an apartment or house. Cheap cash loan at IBS Bank from PLN 1,000 to PLN 3,500 per statement or up to PLN 160,000 without security. Low interest rate and convenient loan period from 3 to 96 months – IBS Bank cash loan – IBS loan promotion offer. Lower interest rate for loans over 20,000 up to 100,000 zł. Take a cash loan at IBS Bank and go on Holiday 2019 All Inclusive at the lowest price for SUMMER 2019 looking for an offer at Last Minute travel agencies. The cheapest holiday loan – a special Internet loan offer for holidays.

IBS Bank focused on a modern offer of loans, deposits, personal and savings accounts in online banking adapted to the needs of ever more demanding clients and did well. This is evidenced by the number of clients who are increasingly willing to transfer personal accounts to IBS and actively use banking products and services.

The factors supporting the implementation of the intended goals are cooperation with the IBS Group, the use of modern technology, the development of distribution channels and the provision of high-quality services. The retail banking development strategy assumes the provision of integrated financial services, the improvement of bundling and the conservative approach to risk. The clients of IBS Bank have access to the Bank’s services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


An online loan for any purpose when and where you want


An online loan for any purpose when and where you want

A fast-paced cash loan available during the first visit, provided that the customer will have an identity document and document confirming income, and that no additional credit analysis will be required. Fast cash at IBS Bank is up to PLN 160,000 in cash loans for the repayment period – 8 years (96 months). The loan can be used for any purpose and what is important, IBS Bank does not require a guarantor. In addition, the borrower is free to choose the date of installment payment and may use the Safe Loan insurance program. A fast and attractive cash loan right away.


Cz, it’s worth creating an account

Cz, it

The Direct account with My IBS is a new, personal banking system that facilitates the daily use of the account and adapts to the client. Thanks to it, the customer has access to money where he wants, when he wants and how he wants. On a computer, tablet or smartphone – just as easily. You can immediately see what means the account holder has and what it seems. The Direct account with My IBS makes it easier to make better decisions: efficiently plan your budget and save more. Transfers and recharges are carried out quickly and intuitively.

The Direct account for the company offers a mobile application for tablet and smartphone, PLN 0 for active people for internet transfers in PLN in the country, as well as access to advisors in over 400 branches in Poland.


An online cash loan for the implementation of your plans


An online cash loan for the implementation of your plans


The cash loan in IBS sounds good! What should the profile of the client applying for a cash loan at IBS Bank look like? Extensive conditions to be met in order to receive a cash loan in IBS – basic criteria, requirements (age, income, employment) – loan offer of IBS Bank .

  • Cash loan amount in IBS: from PLN 1,000 to PLN 3,500 (for a statement) or up to PLN 160,000 (without security)
  • Loan period: from 3 to 96 months
  • Interest rate: 7.49 to 8.99% depending on the amount, period, insurance purchase
  • Cash loan in IBS for people from 18 years
  • Required min. income: PLN 800
  • Required employment: contract of employment, commission, work
  • The required duration of employment for individual forms of contract: depending on the source of income
  • Cash loan – income from work abroad – foreign contract: possible to receive a cash loan at the IBS branch
  • Accepted special professions, eg. Sailor, priest, military contract
  • Benefits of the IBS cash loan offer: 0% commission for loans over PLN 20,000 – PLN 100,000

Take advantage of promotional offers and gain.


IBS Bank personal account

ING Bank personal account

A multifunctional and modern internet account for clients who do most of the banking operations themselves. With the account, the customer receives a modern payment card, which can also be paid via the Internet. Modern online banking IBS BankOnLine is access to money when you want through a computer, smartphone, tablet, phone. Mobile application IBS BankMobile for iPhone and Android allowing access to money on your smartphone, to be downloaded just after opening a modern personal IBS account.

IBS Bank has issued over 100,000 Maestro PayPass contactless cards offered to a personal account. They are a convenient and safe way to small shopping. Just bring the card to the reader at the cash register and it’s ready.

In contrast to standard contact transactions, contactless transactions do not require inserting a chip card into the terminal or dragging the magnetic stripe. They do not require confirmation of transactions with a PIN or signature. Just bring the card closer to the reader. In Poland, the maximum amount of a one-time contactless transaction is PLN 50.

The IBS contactless card allows you to make transactions in stores and points marked with the Maestro Paypass logo – these include śabka, Coffee Heaven and McDonalds. IBS hopes that the ever-growing number of contactless cards issued by them and other banks will encourage more points of sale to accept contactless transactions, for the benefit of the client and for themselves.

Paying with a contactless card is just as secure as paying with standard cards. The contactless cards have the technology of secure data encryption. Simply approaching the card to the terminal, eg going with the card next to the reader will not result in an “accidental” transaction. The terminal is activated by the seller – after entering the payment amount at the terminal, the amount to be paid appears and only then it is possible to make a transaction. After data exchange between the terminal and the card, the connection is terminated. A possible attempt to charge the Customer with the same amount or otherwise is therefore impossible, as such action would require re-entering the amount and subsequent contact of the terminal with the card.

The Maestro contactless card of IBS Bank has all the current functionalities of the Maestro debit card issued to the personal account.

Account with Lion Direct

Account with Lion Direct


Internet account – a modern personal account for customers who do most of the banking operations themselves. An account with Lw Direct is full access to money via the Internet, telephone, ATM network and, if necessary, a network of branches.


Mortgage Loan, Mortgage 

Mortgage Loan, Mortgage in ING

Do you want to buy a flat or a house, but you miss cash? Are you wondering where to get it from? Give your head a rest – IBS has a special loan offer for you. Lack of money will no longer be an obstacle to your plans. At IBS you will receive the best housing loan on the market.

Mortgage and construction mortgage loans are granted for:

  • buying a new flat or house,
  • purchase of a used flat or house,
  • building a house,
  • renovation of a house or flat,
  • purchase of a plot.

The mortgage loan is granted in PLN.


  • You can choose 0% commission or reduced margin
  • The maximum loan amount can not normally exceed 80% of the property value.
  • The loan period can be up to 40 years.

You can choose to repay in monthly amounts equal to (so-called “dawn”) or monthly amounts to decrease.

They arrive, arrange, help in choosing the best offer.

IBS offers a free consultation with a credit advisor in a place of your choice, all over the country. They help in choosing the best loan option and in completing the necessary formalities.

Offers: “0% commission” and “Reduced margin” are addressed to persons who have or will create a personal account at IBS Bank SA before signing a loan agreement and have or declare the proceeds on this account in the amount of min. PLN 2000 a month. You do not have an account – open it now. The ‘0% commission’ and ‘reduced margin’ offers do not merge.