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Loans For Private Individuals

The loan between private individuals is also intended for those lending activities between people who know each other as friends, relatives or relatives and maybe it is the best way to get fast loans in a day or any way in a short time.

Clearly, we will not always find someone willing to lend us some money and we say that unless it is a person very close to us it would be better to avoid it in order not to undermine the relationship should there be any delays in respecting the return of the loaned money.


The loan on a pledge

fast loan

Another type of very fast, widely used loan concerns the famous (or perhaps not too much …) pawn-based loan. Actually, this is a fairly traditional type of financing, even historical. In fact, it was famous in the past, but in the 1990s and early 2000s, it was completely forgotten. The loan on pawn can be suitable for all those who try to get loans quickly and urgently.

There are always so many people who are registered on the lists of bad payers and protesters.

The difficulties encountered when trying to obtain loans (with particular attention to personal ones, regardless of whether they are postal or bank) are many. And this concerns not only people who regularly work and are employees of a company but above all young people.

To overcome all these problems, which create many difficulties in people’s lives, pawn loans are used. As you can well understand also from the name, this loan consists of requesting a loan offer in exchange a certain object.


The latter represents the guarantee

fast loan

The latter is given to the bank on a definitive basis if the applicant fails to repay the loan obtained.

In this way, the credit institution that has to issue the loan concentrates mainly on assessing the characteristics and value of the pledge; on the other hand, neither the solidity nor the creditworthiness of the owner of the asset itself is controlled. The bank, therefore, is called upon to pay a certain sum agreed upon with the applicant who takes the money, but provides the good to the bank as a guarantee.

The bank, if it does not get the money with the relative interest within the established time, will have the right to retain the asset and resell it. The value expressed in money of the asset itself is agreed by the two parties and therefore the object in question is worth a certain sum.

Precisely this represents a problem, as often the bank tries to decrease the real value of the good in question, while the applicant tries in every way to raise it. Most commonly, the assets that are granted to the bank as a guarantee are the following:

  • car;
  • works of art (paintings or statues);
  • valuable watches (like rolex);
  • precious jewels;
  • furniture made with a particular wood or antiques.


Obviously, the sums that can be requested by taking advantage of this method of financing are extremely variable, but generally, they are not important or potentially high sums.

Everything depends on the value of the object that can be given as a pledge, but if it is a normal machine it will be difficult to obtain more than 10,000 euros on loan. Times? Much depends on the timing of assessing the value of the pledge, which could take a few hours. After this, the bureaucratic procedures are completed and the money is provided to the applicant. In general, the process is completed in less than 24 hours and funding can be obtained on the same day as the request.

Also, in this case, we can evaluate in case of an urgent loan requirement in a day obtainable even in an hour.


Corporate loan

Corporate loan

If you are a private employee and want to apply for an urgent loan, you can try to contact your employer. In this case we have the possibility of obtaining very quickly the money on loan with particularly favorable conditions and in some cases even without interest costs.

Clearly, in this case it is essential for our employer to provide the loan in a short time, justifying the urgency of the request effectively.


Loans not suitable for urgent requests

Loans not suitable for urgent requests

We have seen so far what those fast loans are in the preliminary investigation and therefore in the disbursement but we also see what those funds are to be avoided in case of urgent need of money.

The sale of the fifth is one of those loans to be avoided as the process is particularly complex especially for employees.

For the disbursement of a fifth transfer loan, it can take from 7 days to even two or three months in the worst cases, for example in the case of renewal of an existing claim

Another loan to be avoided due to urgent loan requests and the mortgage loan for liquidity as there are passages that in any case provide for the timing to be respected.